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FESTIVAL HISTORY - A look back...

Louder Than A Bomb Massachusetts MassLEAP Logo

Louder Than A Bomb (LTAB), originally started in Chicago, is the largest poetry slam festival in the world, with over 120 schools and 1000 young people participating over the course of several weeks every year. The name of the festival honors a song by radical rap group, Public Enemy. The central idea being that young people’s voices in unison are louder than any act of violence or hate inflicted upon them. There are now several Louder Than A Bomb festivals across the nation. The Massachusetts Literary Education and Performance Collective (MassLEAP) started the first Louder Than A Bomb Festival in Massachusetts in 2012. We began with 16 teams and now just in our fifth year have over 40 teams participating.

Poetry Slam is the competitive art of performance poetry (aka spoken word poetry). Individuals or teams perform their own original work without use of props, costumes or musical accompaniment. Five judges score each piece from zero to ten (using decimal points, 8.3. 9.2 etc) putting equal emphasis on quality of writing and performance. LTAB combines friendly competition with a grounded, contemporary, populist approach to poetry. The festival brings young people together across political and geographical boundaries. Students surmount cultural and socio-economic differences to take part in an experience where young writers learn about themselves while listening to the words of their peers.

Important Announcement Regarding LTABMA 2019

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